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Live-ins will assist with:

  •  Patients personal hygiene needs such as sponge bath, shower, helping to get dressed

  •  Cook at least 3 meals for the Patient or as needed.

  •  Tidy up the house

  • Live-in or any other helper will not work if she(he) sick with cold or flu or has something contagious that she(he) may transmit to Patient. We will send a replacement until care giver is cured and ready to go back to work.

  • Live-in`s or any other helpers do not discuss their private lives with the Family or the Patient

  • Live-in`s or any other helpers will use a Patients telephone only in urgent situations and only 5-10 min a day.

  • Live-in CAN NOT replace her(him) self with another helper without letting us know first.

  • Family must notify us if the Live-in or any other helper is being replaced or let go.



In case of emergency :

Please leave the contact numbers for the caregiver. 

The care giver will remain with the Patient until the family or emergency vehicle will arrive


Eastern European women and men with years of experiences and excellent references are ready to take care of elderly  people. 



Due to Civid 19 Rates may vary by availability 


(Rates are based on a single person companion care no hands on care)

Call 908-500-1067 for more information


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